Sunday, November 30, 2008

Making Fudge!

Josh wanted to make fudge today. Since his dad (who usually oversees this endeavor) was out checking cattle with grandpa Albert and Jake. It was up to Josh, Jenni and I to figure out how to do it.

Josh read the recipe, added all the ingredients, and stood and stirred the fudge until it reached the correct temperature. Jenni buttered the pan for him. The only thing they let me do was stir in the marshmallow creme when it got too thick.

It turned out delicious and I am so proud of Josh! He did a great job!

He loved licking the bowl!

Football Semi-Finals

Friday was spent getting ready for the big Class B semi-final football game against Canton. It was held in Enid.

We had already beat Canton four weeks before by about 30 points to become District Champions. But as you know big games can be unpredictable. It was very close the first half. Then during the second half we really pulled away.

Next weekend will be the finals. Not sure where yet. How awesome to be in the state finals. I'm hoping it really sinks in with my kids. I hope they get the desire to be there themselves when they are playing football!

Sorry no pictures. Forgot my camera!


This year we spent Thanksgiving at my sister's new home in Edmond. It is a beautiful home and they have it decorated so nicely.

Everyone was there! Our parents and their spouse/significant others, our grandparents, all three sisters (Bengi, Kimi, and Kati) and all of our immediate families, and Chad's (Kimi husband) mom, dad, and sister. It was so wonderful for us girls to have everyone together.

Since my parents divorced 25 years ago it has been stressful to get everyone together. I have to say on my part, even though I think some weren't happy about it, it will be my favorite Thanksgiving of all time. To have everyone you care about together to break bread was so precious! Some times I think as kids of a broken marriage it is nice to have everyone in one house just to have all of your family together. We love everyone and it hurts so much to have to choose who to invite.

After lunch we had the first Turkii Wii Bowling Tournament. Kati's husband Brandon won 1st place and I got second. We received trophies and everything. It was really fun. Thanks Kimi for coming up with that great idea!

Thanks Kimi and Chad for your wonderful hospitality. It will be my favorite Thanksgiving for quite some time I'm sure.


Well I guess this first post will be to establish some goals of this blog. This will be a place for me to post the happenings of my life. To highlight my children's activities and be a great place to document the things we do.

We live in a farm house about 20 minutes outside of Enid, Oklahoma near the small town of Garber population approximately 800. It is a warm and friendly little town that supports the school like none other that I have ever seen. We moved here 2 1/2 years ago and were welcomed. It made the move so much easier on me and the kids.

I do have to admit I hate living this far from Enid. I have always been very active in volunteer and social organizations and living this far out you really start to think about the gas and time it takes to go back and forth. I really miss that aspect of my life. For the most part now my life consists of only the kids activities. Such a huge change for me.

Well that's it for the first post. I look forward to sharing my life in a small town.