Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 8 - And Again Baseball

Ethan was up with Tim again.  I think they kind of like getting up together.   The rest of the boys slept till about 10.

We decided since the boys had a baseball game at 6:30, we wouldn't go swimming today.  So the day pretty much consisted of playing the wii and playing with all the playdoh Kati gave them.  This present wasn't so bad.   It was so hot I didn't even let them go outside. 

We got around and headed to the ball park.  It was so hot!  Grandpa Bill had brought lots of gatorade and ice water.  The boys would wrap headbands around their necks.  They got third place in the tournament.  Good job guys!

It was so neat.  Today my boys asked how much longer they would be here.  I figured because they were tired of them.  I said only a couple more days.  They both said they wished they could stay all summer.  Made my heart melt.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 7 - Baseball Again!!!!

Brady, Abby, and Tricia (Brady's new girlfriend)

After such a late night, Ethan got up with Tim again.  We ate cheerios for breakfast and then we just played and played.  He kept asking for Abby but I didn't want him to wake her up.

I made chocolate chip cookies and Ethan was my very best friend.  He loved them.  Jessi and Ethan ate half of the whole batch.  At this rate the boys won't get any but I'll probably bake them some tomorrow.

Ethan devouring one of Bengi's cookies.
Ethan playing with his cars.

When the girls did finally wake up it was after 11.  They ate some brunch and got ready to head to the pool.  I took them at one and picked them up at 5.  It has been easier this way so I don't have to take Ethan and he can get his nap in.  He slept for 3 hours this afternoon.  I think he needed it from our late nights.

Tim brought us home pizza and then we got ready to go to play practice and ballgame.  It was another late night and another win for the boys.  Jake pitched the entire game and caught two pop flies.  Josh made an out on first and hit an excellent ball out to right field.  It would have been a home run if he could run faster.  Jake hit a home run then tripped before home plate and had to crawl to the base.  Everyone laughed but that made him upset.  It was a good win for them.

I have evolved from the first night of baseball.  The first night I took the diaper bag, the pack and play, and two drinks and a bag of cheerios.  The second night  I took the drinks, bag, and cheerios.  Tonight I didn't take any of it.  We hadn't used it all week so I went the light route.  No problems.  Buy those kids M&M's and they are set. 

Grandpa brought the ice chest and that entertained Ethan for a good hour.  He would stick his head in it and just laugh.  He would open then close it.  Oh the items that keep kids entertained can truly amaze me.

Ethan playing with grandpa's ice chest.
I haven't been good about the daily presents.  I think the scare of the paints has me worried about what is left unopened.  Today Ethan and Abby opened some sidewalk chalk, playdoh, and pipe cleaner crafts.  The girls are going to take the pipe cleaner crafts to grandpa Bill's.  Ethan, Abby, and Jenni decorated my porch.  I thought I'd let Brady and Ethan open a couple more today and that should put us back on track.

Abby and Ethan opening the presents from mom.
The girls went to grandpa's after the game last night.  The boys came home and ate leftover pizza. 

Another day we have survived with no injuries or fights.  Someone said to me tonight...  "I bet your ready for their parents to get back."  The truth is not really.  It has really been pretty awesome having them here and getting to know them better.  I know Ethan won't remember this but I'm hoping I'm making awesome memories for Brady and Abby. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 6 - A Quiet Day

Well we were up with Tim again this morning.  After getting to bed so late I thought Ethan would sleep till 10 but he got up when Tim did.  We made waffles and Tim and Ethan ate and watched cartoons. 

Dad took the boys home with him so it was pretty quiet today. 

Tim left for work and Ethan and I played.  We sorted laundry and played with his trucks.  The girls got up around 11.  They made waffles and played on the computers.  Ethan discovered the piano and played for them while they computed.

Ethan banging out some tunes!

At one I took the girls to the pool and left them.  We came back and I put Ethan down for his nap.  I thought he would sleep for a couple hours since he had a short night but he was back up at 2:15.  We enjoyed the quiet house together.  The girls called around 4:45 so I went and picked them up.

We all got cleaned up and went to the Cabin (our local restaurant) for the 99 cent hamburgers.  Then we took Jenni to play practice at 7.  We hung out at my office.  Dad brought Brady and Jake and some kids came by and were talking with them.  After they left Abby was sitting there and out of the blue she said.  "I really like Garber."  That made me feel good.  She really has met lots of kids and has just fit right in.

Josh playing third base!
Jake catching!
Next we headed up to the ball park.  The boys were playing Covington.  It ended up being a close game.  Brady, Abby, & Jenni all hung out at the playground.  Abby made a couple of new friends and Brady kept bringing a little boy over telling us this was his friend.  The boys won so we play another game tomorrow night. 
Brady dragging his pack and play.
  Apparently ready to go home.

Dad took the boys again tonight.  So we are looking forward to another quiet day.   

Apparently Ethan was ready to go home.  He was dragging his pack and play toward the car.  We all just laughed.  We got home about 11:30.  We put on jammies and headed for bed.  Another good day!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 5 - Boring Mondays

Josh Brady Ethan & Jake after waking up.
Today we got up a bit earlier unfortunately because Mondays are pretty boring.  The pool in Garber is closed so we had the whole day ahead of us and nothing planned.

Jenni Brady Jake & Abby after washing my car!
The kids enjoyed jumping on trampline with the water hose.  Then they asked if they could wash my car.  Uh yeah!!!!  They did a pretty good job.  They got most of the dirt off but didn't windex the windows so it was hard to see when we went into Garber.

Grandma Mim, Ethan, Brady, & Grandma Kathi
We had some unexpected guests.... Grandma Kathi and Great Grandma Mim.  Ethan had fun showing grandma all the kitties and doggies.  He kept picking them up and handing them to her.  She would put one down and he would have the other one ready to go. 

See Grandma,  I like this kitty!
Brady wanted to paint today so Josh and him got the clay pieces and paints out.  They really did a good job.  But.....  we got paint on our clothes and I don't think it is going to come out.  Sorry mom!!!

Ethan & Josh painting!  Oops should have taken our clothes off!
Apparently I'm not doing as good as I thought.  I had Jenni and Josh all ready to go to play practice at 7 before his game at 8:30.  Apparently their practice today was at 3:30.  GEEZ!!!!!  Why didn't someone call.  So we were early to the ball park.
Abby & Brady at the Garber town park!

We arrived at the ball park and Jenni took Ethan to the playground.  They were gone for about an hour.  Then when the boys game started we put up the pack and play but we didn't really need it.  Grandma Kathi, Grandpa Bill, Grandma Janice were all in attendance and helped keep a watchful eye out.  Have M&M's around and that boy isn't going anywhere.  Abby and Brady played and played on the playground.  I think they have already made some friends.  The boys lost so we play again tonight.  Jake pitched and did a really good job. 

Grandpa Bill took the boys to spend the night with him.  Ethan is stuck with us girls tonight.  We didn't get to bed till 11p.m.  so I'm hoping he sleeps late in the morning.  We will see. 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 4 - Sunday Sunday Sunday

Abby Jake & Jenni having fun on the trampoline!

Well today was sort of quiet.  We got up around 9 and had waffles again.  The rest of the kids didn't get up till around 11.  I think they spent a late night on the computer games again.

Ethan opening present 2.
Today's present wasn't quite as daunting as paints.  It did however have millions of little foam letters and shapes.  Pretty cool until it was pick up time. 

After a quick lunch Ethan went down for his nap.  So the other kids and I headed to the pool.  It has been so hot that it is so refreshing to dip in the pool.  Brady is doing so good.  He always wears his lifejacket when he heads down to the deep end.  He comes and tells me when he is taking the jacket off to play in the shallow end. 

When we got home Tim was in a sort of panic.  He said check Ethan out and make sure there aren't any broken bones.  I said WHAT?????  He said he fell out of the bed.  WHAT????  He said the door was open, I was listening, never heard a thing.  Then I heard him start to cry.  I went in and he was between the shades and the bed just looking at me.  Apparently he is quite the gymnast and climbed out over the side of the baby bed.  It literally scared Tim to death.  No scratches, no scrapes,  all is well.  But now we know he can escape the baby bed too. 

We made pizzas for dinner.  Three pizzas were devoured in less than five minutes.  They had worked up quite an appetite.

Brady, Jake and Abby giving Sophie a bath.
The kids decided to give Sophie a bath.  She is our outside dog.  I'm not sure she enjoyed it but the kids had fun! 

Josh and Jenni had play practice dress rehearsal where they asked me to come photograph them.  I can't wait for the performances.  Tim held the fort down while I was gone.  The only incident was Ethan found the wipes and scattered them all over the living room.  I know we were warned!

Ethan and his ice cream!

Abby devouring her ice cream cone.

Brady eating his cone.

When we came home I brought ice cream cones.  The kids were all out on the trampoline playing in the water.  This brought back awesome memories for me because I can remember doing this with Kati and Kimi when we were little.  Ethan just laughed when they let him squirt Jake.  Ethan found the squirt gun and had fun playing in the bucket of water.  Yes Kati I watched him like a hawk.  I know you can drown in an inch of water. 

Next we headed in for bath/shower time.  Then off to bed we went.  Brady was out within seconds of hitting the pillow.  I guess we are wearing the little guy out.  The older kids played computer games for a while but not as late as last night.  So all is well.  We are still going on no fights or injuries.  I'm feeling blessed!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 3 - Fishing

Jake, Ethan, & Brady after waffles!
Yummy Yummy Yummy

Everyone but me slept till 10 a.m.   I couldn't believe it.  We had waffles for breakfast.  That seemed to be a hit with everyone! 

Look Aunt Bengi..... Paints!!!!!

We opened the first of the packages Kati sent for the kids.  Now, I'm no genius, but if my sister had volunteered to keep all of my kids for over a week, I'm pretty sure I would not have included a set of paints in the wrapped packages.  Needless to say we have not done that particular activity yet.  We will mind you but I just didn't have the energy or the space to get the paints out and let them paint.  Maybe I'll let them do this activity an hour or so before their mom picks them up.  I'm thinking that sounds good!

Jake and Brady wanted to go fishing.  So Tim loaded them up and they headed over to the 50 where there are at least shade trees around the pond.  They caught 4 or 5 but only three were keepers.  Ethan and I headed over around noon to check on them.  It was already sweltering hot.  So they called it a morning. 

Ethan riding the bike!
Josh had taken Ethan outside and he kept pointing at and wanting to ride Jake's bike.  So Josh went out to the bike barn and found a small bike, brought it up and helped Ethan ride around the sidewalk.  It was so cute!

When we got home we decided to go to the pool.  Ethan went down for his nap so Tim stayed home and napped too.  We spent the afternoon at the pool.  Abby is making lots of new friends.  She even had a boy following her around today.  Don't worry mom,  I had my eye on him like a hawk. 

When we got home Ethan and Tim were watching TV.  Spongebob I think.  We made pasta and sauce for dinner. Josh and Abby played all evening on the computer.  I think they may have stayed up half the night.

 Jake, Brady, & Ethan were ready to hit the pond again by 8. It had cooled down some so I took them over to the smaller pond behind Tim's parents. Brady caught two fish. Jake would bait a pole up and throw it in and tell Brady to watch it. He told him if it moves to pick it up and jerk back. He was such a trooper and caught two. I had taken two chairs and told Ethan to stay in the chair. He did very well and loved the fish when Jake and Brady would bring them by to show him.

Ethan sitting watching the fisherman

The fisherman wathcing the pole.

Brady's first fish.  He didn't want to hold it.

It's a keeper.....

until it wiggles!

At dark we headed home and Ethan was exhausted. We got into our jammies and he was out when his head hit the pillow. So for three days I can report - no major fights, no injuries, no one is starving! Yea me!!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 2 - The "Magnificent Seven"

Boys hanging out on the trampoline.

Brady, Abby, & Ethan playing the X-box
Well today was our first full day.  We woke up around 7 a.m.  Well at least Ethan and I did.  The other kids slept until 10.  Jessi had her last day of basketball camp so we drove her to Garber.  I think this is the first one I have ever missed. 

Here kitty, kitty, kitty.
So it was so cute when Ethan woke up.  I heard him stirring so I sat up in bed.  You could see his eyes open.  He would look around confused.  Then he shut his eyes for several seconds then opened them again.  It seemed as if he was thinking..... Ok where am I.  This doesn't look familiar.  Maybe I'm dreaming.  I think I'll close my eyes and I'll wake up back in my bed at home.  Nope Nope still in this strange place. 

Every chance he gets he goes to the door to see if he can see the kitties.  He gets so excited.  The problem there is the little guy can reach and open the door.  So I have to really watch him when he goes to the door. 

The gang watching Josh play on computer.
Most of the day we spent watching TV, playing video games.  Brady follows Josh and Jake around at all times.  I finally read the instruction sheet they came with.  So far I have been doing everything it said. 

Tim texted to check on us and he asked "How are the Magnificent Seven"?  I thought it was cute so it is sticking.  Me and the Magnificent Seven! 

Meals today didn't go over as well as the pb&j yesterday.  We tried mac and cheese for lunch.  Big kids devoured.  Ethan wouldn't touch it.  Dinner was hot dogs.  Again big kids ate, Ethan ignored.  Jessi did find at least one item Ethan loves.  CHEETOS!!!!  Ok so what kid doesn't love cheetos. 

Look I'm a walrus!
Good and Healthy dinner, CHEETOS!

After dinner I took the middle 5 kids to the Garber pool.  Tonight is the night they open back up from 6 to 8.  Abby passed the swim test and Brady was so good about wearing his life jacket.  He jumped off the diving board at least 40 times.  I was especially proud of Jake and Josh.  They never once left Brady alone.  They played with him.  Took him to the diving board.  During the break Brady kept dragging Josh to the group of girls.  I think they said he has 4 new girlfriends.  It was so fun to observe Abby.  At first she was very stand offish.  Not knowing anyone but her cousins.  By the time she left she had made friends with some of the girls in Jake and Josh's class. 

We came back home and Ethan was crying for Abby.  They said he hadn't been crying long but you could tell Jessi was frazzled.  Tim also said she refused to change his diaper.  Uncle Tim stepped up and changed him though.  I think he really likes having these little ones around.  We love having Abby too.  It gives Jenni someone to interact with that isn't a boy.

Next was bath time.  Let's just say I hadn't thought about the fact that we don't have a bath tub.  We do but the stopper no longer works.  So we hooked up the shower head on a hose and gave the boys a shower.  It worked pretty good.  Ethan went to sleep around 9:30 and I have no idea when the boys and girls went to sleep.  I'm sure it was late.

I think my pants are too big!
 I almost forgot but when I was adding pictures I saw this one.  Mom.... I don't think these shorts fit.  It was hilarious watching him walk a few steps then he would grab them and pull them up.  Finally he quit pulling on them and they fell to his ankles.  He walked to the couch like that and I said just step out of em.  So we ran around the rest of the evening with no pants.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 1 - Staying with Aunt Bengi & Uncle Tim - The week begins!

After a trip to the grocery store for kid food, (fruit loops, bananas, grapes, cookies, chips etc...)  I went to pick up the boys at my grandmas house.  Brady was ready to go.  Ethan however was a little apprehensive to leave grandma Kathi. 

After a 20 minute attempt at removing the car seats from grandmas car to mine in the 100 degree heat we finally got them unhooked.  Geez!!!!!  Things have sure changed in a mere 8 years.  Then we were off.  Ethan cried till we got out in the country and located some cows.  He kept pointing at them.  I'm wondering what he will think when they are practically in the front yard at our house.

We arrived home and Abby was the first one Ethan ran to.  She was really good with him.  Unfortunately he got scared of the dogs when they stopped by earlier so he cries when he sees them.  I have them quarantined in the kitchen so they won't scare him but if he even sees them he cries.  He loves the little ones but he big ones aren't cool with him.  We also have two little kittens outside.  He loves them.  He keeps following them around.

Our first dinner consisted of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and ramen noodle soup.  Ethan opted for a banana instead of the soup.  They all ate really well. 
When Tim got home we went out and got the baby bed.  We put it back together and in our room.  I got his blanket out and he said "night night".  I fixed his sippy cup with water but he was almost asleep by the time I got back with the cup.  Tim woke up around midnight and was like do you think he is ok does he need more blankets?  I loved the way Tim looked in the crib.  It reminded me of him with our kids.  So sweet. 

So day one wasn't too bad.  No major fights or accidents.  Whew!!!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Last Day of Camp!

Jenni decided to go with us today.  It was very tiring and you could sure see the fatigue in the girls but they did pretty good.  I was proud of them. 

Headed home and then spent the rest of the evening relaxing.  All that sitting on those bench bleachers had done a number on my back. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 2 Camp - Piedmont Tornado Destruction

Well we made it for day two of the camp.  Girls are still playing pretty well.  You can tell they are getting tired though.

When we left we came out the back way to get to HWY 74.  I knew the tornado had gone through the area a few weeks back but nothing prepared me for the destruction I was about to view.  The Falcon Lake area where the mother had covered her three kids in a bathtub was along this road.  Two of her three kids were killed.  To describe the area even three weeks out is difficult.  Stuff everywhere.  Every tree leveled.  Most homes gone from their foundations.  The few that had parts standing were pretty unrecognizable.  Cars and trucks just beat to unrecognition.  The hard part for me is how a home can be standing looking untouched and then 1/10 of a mile down the road complete destruction for a tenth of a mile then farther 1/10 of a mile another house untouched.  Very disturbing to me thinking about that poor mother.  Just so sad.  It also looked pretty deserted like no one wanted to come back. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Basketball Camp

Jessi and I were up and at them early in the morning.  She has basketball camp in Piedmont today.  They played pretty well.   After camp we headed back to Garber then I had to take Jenni to her softball game in Medford.  We only lost by one run.  We made it back to watch the boys game at Garber.  They won.  Long Long Long day and we have to get up and do it again tomorrow.  Yikes!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Storms and Anniversary

Today is our 18th Anniversary.  We celebrated yesterday at a wonderful restaurant so today was just for relaxing around the lake. 

Last night some storms moved through and boy was it windy.  Tim kept up with the radar and everything was fine in the morning but it was kinda scary. 

A pretty laid back day.  Happy Anniversary Tim!  Here is to at least 18 more.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Ranchers Club

OMG  Why  hadn't someone told us about this restaurant on the OSU campus before now.  It was absolutely incredible!!!

We spent the day playing around at the lake.  I cooked a big breakfast and relaxed with my book most of the day. 

Tomorrow is our anniversary so Tim had asked around at the court house where a nice place in Stillwater was.  Judge Newby suggested The Ranchers Club.  It was decorated very ranch like with paintings of area ranches.  I ordered the five course meal with the wine flight.  It was so much fun and so delicious.  It is amazing to me how well they can put wine with the food and it just be right.

My first course was a peppered shrim appetizer.  Very tasty.  Second course was a sweet potatoe soup.  It was a hot soup and very chili like taste.  It was delicious.  Third was a pasta dish with a light white sauce and fresh onions.  It was my favorite.  You hear on TV cooks saying the flavors just burst in your mouth.  That was how this tasted.  Fourth course was a half lobster with some kind of crust on top.  It was good but I never think you get enough.  Last was a blood orange cheese cake.  It was fabulous!  Tim ordered a salad, the filet, and an apple dessert.  It was very good too.  We had a great time reminescing over all the trips we have taken over the years and our favorite memories.  It was the best anniversary we have had in several years.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Swim Time and Ball Game

Today was designated swim day.  Josh Jenni & I went to the  pool and enjoyed an afternoon keeping cool.  The temps are still really high for this time of year. 

Jenni had a game and we won.  Her and Jacey were on fire tonight.  They could not miss!  Jenni hit a home run.  It was so exciting. 

After the game we loaded up in Tim's truck and headed to the lake.  I could use a quiet weekend.

Thursday Night Lights

Well after spending most of the day in the hot gym,  Jenni and I made it home.  We relaxed for  awhile and then headed over to the boys baseball game.

I had several people ready to contain me because basically the head coach is an idiot.  That is the nicest form of words I could use.  Tim and him sat my boys because parents had been complaining.  You see his boys are Jenni's age and not that good but they have played second and short every inning we have played.  I understand some of the boys were upset that they didn't get to play but..... my boys have paid their dues.  This is the year my boys should be playing.  They didn't pull the other older boys.  So because he is an ass and played his boys all the time, mine who are actually assets to the team had to sit.  And the most frustrating was Tim went along with it.  So needless to say I was not happy.  Lightning started and the game was called. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Eskimo Joe's & Basketball

Today was Jessi's first basketball camp.  To say the least it didn't go well.  And that is really all I want to share about that.

Jenni and I stayed at the lake.  It was so nice to be there together.  We just snuggled and watched a movie. 

We also went to Eskimoe Joes.  We love that place but when dad is with us he tends to like Mexico Joes or Joeseppis.  So we had bacon cheese fries and a chocolate shake.  It was oooh sooo good!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

9 to 5

Today was another scorcher in northern Oklahoma.  We managed to do things indoors until the pool opened at 1:00.  It was very refreshing to be in the cool water. 

Tonight was the musical 9 to 5 in OKC.  Jessi, Jenni and I met grandma Kathi at our favorite OLIVE GARDEN.  We just love the salad and breadsticks.  Yummy!  Then we headed downtown.  It was soooooo good!  We laughed and laughed. 

It was a late night getting home but we enjoyed it! 

Monday, June 6, 2011

I Don't Like Mondays!

As a rule Mondays have never really bothered me.  It after all is just another day in the week.  Any more there really isn't a day that is busier than others so if you disliked one day you should dislike them all.  However, the community pool is closed on Mondays.  With this August heat we are experiencing in the beginning of June,  I was really wanting to go take a dip in the pool.  Maybe not putting our pool back in was a mistake.  I do miss having it in the back yard at my convenience.  Well maybe next year.....

Jessi slept in a litttle and didn't make it to the gym until a little before 10.  I went to the office and worked on some letters.  We came home about noon.  Had lunch; then took Josh and Jenni to play practice. 

After practice I had to rush Jessi in to her softball games and then rush back for the boys game.  The boys won pretty handily.  Then home and to bed.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lazy Sunday!

Sundays are such wonderful days.  Everyone but me slept in.  I finished a book and then watched some TV. 

The kids got up and got around so we could go to the pool.  It was pretty busy today again.  I left the kids there and worked at the office for a couple hours.  Then I went and swam my lap and did my excercises.  Back to the office to finish my work. 

We headed home for hamburgers and fresh salsa.  The evening was quiet as well.  I sat out on the porch for a little while after it had cooled off.  It was terribly hot all day.  Scared to death what it will be like in July!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Anniversary Party!

Today was a pretty low key day.  Tim worked on the windows and the kids and I really didn't do much at all. 

Tonight was the big 50th Anniversary party.  We had it at the Ramada Inn.  It was really nice and there were lots of people that came by.  Even thought Albert and Jeri stated they didn't want to have a party.  I think they really enjoyed it. 

After the party we went to get shaved ice at Carly Collins' place.  They were very very good.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Birthday and Anniversaries!

First I would like to wish my beautiful sister Happy Birthday.  Today is also my inlaws 50th anniversary.  It is amazing that they have been married that long.  They both are so young an active.  I have decided they had to have gotten married in grade school.  So here is to all three of you.  May your day be relaxing and may you have many more birthday's and anniversaries.

Today was hot hot hot!  It already seems like July.  Jake, Jenni and I headed to the office to make a couple of shirts.  We cleaned a little too.  It was nice to have all my t-shirts back in order. 

We ate a pizza for lunch and then I smoked Jake at ping pong.  He really needs to practice if he is gonna beat me.  Then we headed over to the pool.  There wasn't quite as many people at opening time as there was yesterday but it quickly filled up again.  I bet there was at least 60 people.  So glad it is open again.  I overdid the sun today though.  I have a nice pink glow.

We headed home about 4.  Took showers and are now getting ready for Jenni's game in Medford.  The boys won last night.  The opponent was ahead till the last inning.  But the boys scored two for the win.  Jake struggled pitching and got frustrated.  Dustin came in and really fired the ball in two have two innings of three up three down.  It was awesome.

Tim started (finally) fixing the windows on the inside.  He has been putting perfa tape and mud .  So glad to see that getting done.  I was really beginning to feel like I lived in the ghetto trash house.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pool Opening!!!!!

Today is Tim's long day.  So being the loving wife I am I cooked him waffles and coffee.  Jessi and Shealynn had to be at drivers ed at 8 this morning.  So they got waffles too.

The other kids and I got around for the first day the local pool was open.  There were about 75 people there.  It was exciting because it has been closed the last two years. 

Then my precious child Jessica lost her drivers ed card that said she had completed the course.  I mean really we are talking 4 blocks and she looses it.  GEEEEEEZZZZZ!!!!!  So we had to hunt coach down and have her fill out another one. 

The boys have a baseball game tonight at Garber.  Jake should get to pitch.  Can't wait to watch!

Oh yeah I cooked spaghetti for dinner.  The kids gobbled it up. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My personal challenge!

So today I'm giving myself a challenge.  To blog everyday for a month.  If I complete my task, I'm going to get myself something exciting.  (Actual item yet to be determined!)

Summer is in full swing.  Today finds me cleaning the kitchen.  Yes it really needed cleaning.  Then Jake, Josh, and Jenni wanted waffles so we dirtied it up again.  They were yummy though.

Jessi missed out because she is off driving at drivers ed.  I don't think it has hit me that she will be getting her permit in two months and 8 days!  YIKES!!!  I sure feel for coach having to drive with her.

We have been ball gaming too.  All four kids had games last night.  Jessi said she had a really good hit.  The boys and Jenni lost their games.  I didn't see the boys game but Jenni and the girls played really well.  We held a much older team to only two runs and we lost by 1.