Thursday, August 12, 2010

First day of school 2010

I can not believe I took my kids for their first day of school this morning.  Where did the summer go?  I'm one of the few moms that actually love having my kids at home.  Jessi started high school today and the boys are in 5th grade.  Pretty excited that they get to start school sponsored sports.  Jenni is in the third this year and is ready. 

Jenni's New Room

Jenni and I decided Monday she needed a new look for her room.  We bought the paint to which the Lowe's paint guy told her she was a very lucky girl to get to paint her room "that" color.  She was totally excited beyond words.  She sang "i'm painting my room today" the entire drive home.  I'll start with the after pictures and then show you the before.  She had told me all summer she was cleaning her room and it was almost done.  Ha!  It's done now though and I have threatened to shave her hair off if she lets it get messy again!!!
before the renovations

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jessi's High School Softball Schedule

Ok here is Jessi's softball schedule.

Aug 16  At Covington 4 p.m.
Aug 17 At Drummond 4 p.m.
Aug 19 at Garber vs Pioneer 4 p.nm.
Aug 23 to 25 Skeltur Tourn at Kellet times to be announced
Aug 30 at Garber vs Dover 5 p.m.
Aug 31 at Garber vs Covington 5 p.m.
Sep 07 at Garber vs Ringwood 5 p.m.
Sep 09-11 Fairview Tournament times to be announced
Sep 13 at Kremlin 5 p.m.
Sep 14 at Garber vs Cimarron 4 p.m.
Sep 21 at Garber vs Waukomis 5:15
Sep 23 - 24 District Tournament times to be announced