Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 9 - Big Bad Wolf

Today Ethan slept in.  I think he was exhausted from the heat at the ball game yesterday.  The girls stayed with Grandpa Bill again last night.  So it was me and the boys.  They got up around 9:30 today. 

I let them open some more presents.  Kati had sent some water balloons so away they went.  They had quite a time in my garden throwing balloons at each other.

We met the girls at the pool at 1. Today even Ethan got to swim. Kati wasn't kidding no fear and he loved the water. Thankfully the pool wasn't as busy as it usually is so the kids had a great time.

We came home and got ready for the kids play tonight.  They are so excited and nervous.  Mom came and watched Ethan and Brady while the rest of us went to the play.  We watched the computer as Kati's plane landed in Dallas.  We are all up waiting for her to call but she may be exhausted.  I hadn't mentioned them a bunch this week for fear they would get home sick but tonight we talked about them.  Brady is now ready for them to come home.  ALTHOUGH  earlier today he came up and climbed in my lap and told me he wanted to live with me forever.  My heart just melted.  I told him it was fine with me but I bet his mommy and daddy would be very sad.  Didn't seem to phase him cause off he went.  

Well my time is growing short with these adorable babies.  I look towards tomorrow with sorrow and well as joy.  I know they are going to be so excited to see their mommy and daddy but I really really hate to see them go.