Thursday, January 20, 2011

Quiet Day

Today was pretty quiet for the Beebe's. I worked on cleaning the house and catching up laundry. I went and picked up the kids from school and went to the office. I did a quick photo shoot and made a sweatshirt.

Jessi had team dinner tonight at Sydney's and the rest of us went to the Cabin in Garber for dinner. I have been craving one of their chili cheese burgers. It was so good!

Came home and cleaned the boys room. Grandpa Beebe had bought a house that had a couple nice twin beds with the bookcase in the headboard. We got them switched out and their room clean. Now wonder how long it will stay clean. It was kind of sad though. My boys are growing up. They wanted to get rid of their hot wheel cars and other toy type stuff. We kept the art stuff and the ps2.

Supposed to be a storm coming tonight so I'm guessing we will have no school tomorrow. Yea!!!!