Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jessi's Birthday Weekend

Wow was this a long weekend. I guess it could be because the kids and Tim had Monday out of school and work. Friday night was the HS boys basketball game for Districts. They won of course but Jessi was the team manager. After the game she wanted Shealynn and Emily to come over to spend the night. When we got home she came down and asked if she could turn the heater back on. I had turned it off last week when Tim was gone because I thought I smelled gas. I told him to check on it but he had not had time to do that yet. We turned it on and sure enough he could smell it too. So the girls slept in the living room and the boys and Jenni slept with Tim and I. Thank goodness nothing happenend to the boys. The heater is in the closet in there room. I just thank God that I smelled it and it didn't kill them!

Then Saturday we went over to the pond to get ready for her birthday party. We made a fire ring and took over all the chairs and cut some wood to burn. Then the District finals were Saturday night so we spent valentines night watching the teams play basketball! Both teams won! By the way, Coach Davis texted Jessi yesterday and asked her to be the manager for all of the regional games this weekend. That is really an honor because 5 girls have been trading off all year. So coach wanted Jessi and Cassidy only for this weekend. She said it made Shealynn and Emily mad but what do you do.

Sunday we spent at the pond. We had a really good time. We had the fire going and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. The kids played hide and seek in the trees. I think they had fun. The only bad part was Sam was trying to cross part of the pond on a log and fell in. The poor little guy was freezing! We wrapped that up around 6 p.m. and we were crazy tired. Jessi had Shealynn, Beth and Stacia come and spend the night. I pretty much left them on their own because I was too tired to entertain.

Yesterday I spent the day organizing pictures. Yes pictures from as far back as I could find. I had Tim move in the extra file cabinets from his office that he didn't need any more. I have a drawer for each kid and a drawer for every two years since 1991. Then there is one drawer for everything prior to that. My goal is to get all the pictures scanned in the computer AND make some albums for me and one for each kid. I would like to get all the picture scanned in by the end of this year. I may be hopefull thinking but I'm going to try!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Summer Vacation

Ok girls and mom, we are having second thoughts about disney this summer. We were just there last year and we talked about waiting a year to return. I just thought it would be better than going two years in a row. Anyway just wanting some suggestions on where we could go. Kati have you and Brandon talked about a summer trip. We would love to go with you guys and MOM and BOB if they are here. I thought we could find a place near some really nice hotels so Kimi and Chad could come along.

We talked about Myrtle Beach South Carolina and Yellowstone Park. We also really enjoyed Nashville. Anyway would love input from you guys even if you don't come along.